At Parallax we are constantly amazed by the projects people create with our hardware. We also know just how well an outside project can help inspire interest in a personal project. That's the basis for our inspiration page: a place to be inspired and share completed projects to inspire others.

Share your project here! Parallax offers product credit to qualified, complete project applications on a case-by-case basis. Email for details.

  • Shiva with his winning prosthetic hand project.

    The Arduino Prosthesis is a low cost Prosthetic, a Brain Control Interface (BCI) device that can be fitted on to amputees’ limbs. Mind-Waves – or more precisely the ability of the mind to focus and to concentrate – controls the Prosthetic.

  • Arduino Heart Rate Monitor with TV Image Overlay

    The genus of my microMedic entry was a request from a research partner to overlay vital-sign readings (oxygen saturation and heart rate) on an existing video image of a patient being viewed in real-time over an internet video connection using our dedicated video endpoint that we call the DocBox.

  • Hydrotron project close-up.

    The inspiration for the project came from research which indicated that a person might acclimate their heart rate as a response to their environment. So might a device. The device also intends to help relax the person to which it is connecting.

  • Wireless Pulse Oximeter

    My wife recently gave birth to triplets. They were ten weeks premature and were in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for a month. While there, they were connected to monitoring equipment to monitor their heart rate, respiratory rate, temperature, and at times blood oxygen levels.

  • Triage Training System creator David Dorhout and friend Michah holding the "Acting Coach" and "Director's Tablet.".

    The Triage Training System (TTS) provides a simple, mobile way to dynamically manage large groups of “victims” in a mass injury simulation by providing individual instructions on how each “victim” should act based on their unique injury. The TTS also simulates life signs such as a pulse.

  • The Transcendental Meditation Trainer unit.

    Meditation could be a blockbuster drug except that it is free. The American Medical Association recommends transcendental-style meditation for lowering blood pressure. Meditation is good for cardio health and over 300 peer-reviewed published studies have found positive benefits for the treatment of PTSD, stress, and other conditions.

  • RFiDJ project.

    While I enjoy a good diversity of media, I tend to gravitate towards a few albums, radio stations, and podcasts. For this project I will attempt to simplify and enhance how I interface to these common media types as my submission to the 2010 RF Design Contest by Parallax and Linx Technologies.

  • The OughtToPilot project.

    A Propeller-based attitude estimation device embeddable into low cost remote control (RC) airplanes for hobby-grade UAV application is presented. The system senses and controls the aircraft’s attitude (pitch and roll) to maintain level flight and guides the aircraft toward a pre-loaded GPS waypoint.

  • PropIRC close up.

    Internet Relay Chat, also known as IRC, is a very popular protocol for multi user chat and collaboration.  It is commonly used in gaming communities and open source project collaboration.

  • Remote Video System. Photos courtesy Megan Van Kooten of Four Seasons Photography.

    The user's control interface consists of a development board with one joystick and six buttons to control the remote system. The joystick allows the camcorder system to be controlled with 2 axes: pan (Left/Right) and tilt (Up/Down).

  • Muscle Mouse project owner holding his completed design.

    Advancer Technologies’s “Muscle Mouse” harnesses the power of electromyography to make physical therapy more fun and to make gaming easier for the disabled.

  • Dr. Singh with his Wireless Vineyard Monitor.

    The Vineyard Monitor is shown below. It consists of a weatherproof box that houses the electronics mounted on a PVC support pipe. The pipe is intended to be driven into the ground. The soil temperature is measured by a sensor located at the bottom of the pipe.