At Parallax we are constantly amazed by the projects people create with our hardware. We also know just how well an outside project can help inspire interest in a personal project. That's the basis for our inspiration page: a place to be inspired and share completed projects to inspire others.

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  • OpBot at a Robotics Conference

    Our founder, Russ Martin, has been called a cross between Jimmy Buffet and Albert Einstein. Along with his wife Fay, he founded Florida Robotics over 20 years ago. As a life-long fan of all types of gadgets electrical, mechanical, and electronic, Russ decided to start a robotics business focusing on using technology to create fun.

  • Pulmonary Capacity Analyzer system.

    The Pulmonary Capacity Analyzer is intended to measure a user's lung capacity. By measuring the velocity of air moving through a breathing device, the microcontroller can calculate the volume of air that was moved during the time of inhalation.

  • Internal workings of the Triabot.

    The Triabot is based upon an Arduino Mega 256k development system with a Parallax Shield. It is capable of transmitting any patient’s vitals, through an Xbee transmitter using a Parallax SIP adapter, to a base station personal computer up to 15 miles away.

  • Grip test device in progress.

    Our project entry is an inexpensive device used to conduct a quick neurological field assessment of a subject who may have sustained a brain injury.

  • The completed P.I.L. Box (Propeller Based Internet Logging) project.

    For my microMedic 2013 Contest project I created the "Propeller Based Internet Logging Pill Dispenser" or simply "the P.I.L.

  • Using soniCane.

    In the USA Network drama series “Covert Affairs,” Christopher Gorman plays August Anderson, an ex-Army officer blinded while on a mission in Iraq.

  • VTD (Valsalva Test Device) team member

    Heart failure is a serious medical condition affecting about 6 million Americans, including adults and children. Although there is currently no cure, early diagnosis can help people live longer, more active lives through medicine and lifestyle changes.

  • Cardiac Simulator Closed

    By day, I am a cardiovascular surgery nurse and by night I am an electronics learner and tinkerer.  I decided to combine both of my loves into one project – a cardiac simulator.  It is my hope that it will become a good resource for both healthcare givers as well as patients.  Healthcare givers can use the cardiac simulator as an

  • Circuitry for tracking.

    The low cost global health simulator project was started as an undergraduate research project under the leadership of Zach Meier and Robin Waltz at the University of Minnesota.

  • Arduino circuit.

    Webz of War is a cooperative two player exergame utilizing a Microsoft Kinect, two Nintendo Wii Balance Boards, two microMedic heart rate monitors (one from the kit, one special ordered), and a controller PC.

  • The KinoCOM Team

    The KinoCOM Team: Ravi Chacko, Kendall Gretsch, Sophie Jacobson, Stephen Linderman, Inema Orukari, Will Padovano, Joshua Siegel, and Avik Som

  • Maya with her Arduino-based Foot Neuropathy Analyzer

    Diabetes is one of the major causes of premature illness and death worldwide. Diabetes brings with it neurovascular complications, which result in the development of high pressure areas in the feet and hands.