Check the micro:bit firmware

A preinstalled program inside your micro:bit called firmware enables it to communicate with a computer and execute the scripts you write and flash.  Your micro:bit needs to be running a certain version of firmware to be compatible with these cyber:bot and cybersecurity tutorials. 

This page will guide you through checking your micro:bit module’s firmware version, and updating it if needed. Updating, if needed, takes only a few extra steps, and you will only need to do it once.

Find your micro:bit Module's Hardware Version Number

  • Use the image below as a guide to find your micro:bit module’s hardware version number.  It should either be V2 or V1.  If it reads V1.34 or V1.5, that still means it’s V1.
  • If your micro:bit hardware is V2, you’re all set!  The V2 ships with compatible firmware, so you can skip the rest of this page, and just continue to the next activity: First micro:bit program.
  • If your micro:bit hardware is V1, keep going through the instructions on this page.

For more info, visit the identifying the BBC micro:bit version page.

Check Your micro:bit V1 Module’s Firmware Version

Keep in mind, you only need to continue here if your micro:bit hardware is V1.

  • In your file browser, select the micro:bit drive and then double-click the MICROBIT drive's DETAILS file- this is a text file with version information.

  • Make note of the Interface Version number (0249 shown in this example).  That’s the firmware version.

Decide If Your V1 micro:bit Needs a Firmware update

  • If your micro:bit is hardware V1 and has a firmware version of 249 or higher, you’re all set, and ready to skip to the to the next lesson: First micro:bit program.  Otherwise, keep going here and continue through the Update Your micro:bit Module’s Firmware section.

Update Your micro:bit Module’s Firmware

  • If your V1 micro:bit module’s firmware is below 249, go to the Firmware page at and follow the instructions in the How to update the firmware section.

micro:bit firmware page

The steps in that section will guide you through:

  • Disconnecting power and USB from your micro:bit
  • Holding the micro:bit’s reset button down as you connect it to USB to make the micro:bit appear in your file browser as a drive named MAINTENANCE.  
  • Downloading the latest firmware for your micro:bit.  Make sure to download Firmware for micro:bit V1.
  • Dragging the “0249_microbit_firmware.hex” firmware file you just downloaded from your file browser’s Downloads folder and dropping it on the MAINTENANCE drive.