Step 13: Bolt Standoffs to Isolation Plate

Assembly of the Isolation System starts with bolting the aluminium standoffs to the Isolation Plate. These bolts will face upwards, so it is best practice to use some method of threadlocking to keep them secure. Here, we will be using Loctite®.

Tools Needed:

Parts Needed:


  1. Over a disposable work surface, apply a small drop of Loctite® to one end of each standoff. After it "soaks in" wipe off any excess that remains on the end surface fo the standoff.

  1. Feed a screw through one of the holes indicated in the image below. Thread on a standoff from the opposite side and hold pliers while you use the screwdriver in the other hand to tighten. Tighten until you start to feel resistance, and then one ¼ turn.

  1. Repeat this for the remaining three standoffs.