Script and Tests

Script: led_blink_list

This script will blink the LEDs in sequence according to a list named pin_list.

  • Enter the led_blink_list script ( matches the screencaptures).
  • Set the Script Name field to led_blink_list.
  • Click Load/Save, and then click Download Project Hex to save your work.  
  • Make sure to close the Load/Save dialog box after downloading.
  • In the editor, click Connect, and then click Flash.   
# led_blink_list

from microbit import *

pin_list = [pin13, pin14, pin15]

while True:
    for pin in pin_list:


  • Verify that the lights repeat the same sequence over and over: green for 0.5 s, yellow for 0.5 s, and then red for 0.5 s.
  • Try changing sleep(500) to sleep(100) and flash the modified script. Did you anticipate the effect of this change correctly?