SD Card Games

Your ActivityBot board (original or WX version) has a built-in card reader that is is compatible with our preformatted microSD card.  The card reader is connected to the Propeller I/O pins labeled next to it.

There are lots of things you can do with an SD card on the ActivityBot:

  • Store a list of maneuvers in a text file for the C program to fetch and perform.
  • Log sensor data as the robot drives.
  • Store WAV files to play music, speech or sound effects (if you add a speaker!)

The first step is to obtain and get familiar with using the microSD card.

  • Obtain an 8 GB microSDHC Card if you do not already have one. Not that other microSD cards will fit the reader but may have been formatted differently, so performance may not be optimal especially for audio.
  • If you have not used the microSD card with your Activity Board (original or WX version) yet, try the SD Card Data tutorial, then return here.

Welcome back!

  • Follow the links below to continue with the SD Card Games tutorial.