IR Remote Controlled Shield-Bot Project

If you’ve gone through Robotics with the BOE Shield-Bot, there’s lots you can do with what you've already learned!  For example, in Chapter 7, you used infrared parts from a TV remote and TV for object detection.  Well, gee, since you’ve already got the IR receiver that’s designed to detect TV remote button presses, why not set your BOE Shield-Bot up for TV remote control?

Better still, make it so that you can configure your robot for different behaviors by just pressing a few buttons.  Press Power and then 3, and it follows objects, just like in Chapter 8, Activity 2.  Press Power than 2, and it will roam and avoid objects.  Press Power and then 1, and you’re back to controlling it with the TV remote’s buttons.

 The Shield-Bot needs only one IR receiver and a resistor to receive control signals from an infrared remote.

What's Needed

(1) Fully assembled and tested BOE Shield-Bot (two options, below):

(1) Sony-programmable Universal Remote, #020-00001