Attach the Servo

Put the safety glasses on immediately! The Gripper has small parts, including a torsion spring which may be inadvertently released during assembly.

  • Unplug and temporarily remove the robot’s battery pack.
  • Using a 4-40 ⅜” panhead screw and a 4-40 Nylon lock nut, attach the Universal “L” bracket to the back left side of the robot chassis as shown here.
  • Replace the battery pack when finished.


  • Remove the battery plug from the robot’s power jack.
  • Remove the screw that secures the back left corner of the board to the standoff.
  • Attach a Universal “L” bracket as shown using the screw.

  • Using (3) 4-40 ⅜” panhead screws, (3) Nylon locknuts and a straight bracket, attach the top and bottom servo flanges to both brackets.