More Gear Grease and Foam Pads

With your robot powered down, turn the servo slowly by hand to see how the parts of the completed Gripper work together.

More Gear Grease

  • Place very small amounts of Super Lube PTFE grease wherever the metal pieces move against each other.
  • Grease the Idler Gear. It is most accessible with the Gripper in a closed position.

  • Position the Gripper fully open to access other parts.

Foam Pads for the Paddles

Foam pads on the inside of the paddles will help the Gripper hold onto smooth objects.

  • Cut short strips of foam tape and place it on the inside of the paddles where you think it will be effective.

You can always remove the foam residue with rubbing alcohol and a paper towel. Your local hardware store has a variety of foam types available in the window and door insulation department, if you wish to experiment with other options.