BlocklyProp Bulk Project Download

BlocklyProp has migrated from the original community system that required a login for each user, to BlocklyProp Solo where no login is required. The original BlocklyProp stored users' projects on a remote server, but BlocklyProp Solo stores users' projects on their own local file systems.

If you did not download your BlocklyProp SVG files as per the notification posted during the 18 months preceding this transition, you may request a product archive by emailing from the same email address used with your BlocklyProp account.

Inside the Archive

You must unzip your archive before trying to use the files.

The project archive folder contains a number of individual project files, each with an .svge file extension.  The archiving utility named each file using the first 30 characters of a project's name and also the project's number.

Excluded Projects

The archive folder also contains a ExcludedProject.txt file with a list of any projects that could not be exported. These excluded files are either empty or contain very old, unsupported blocks.

Using the .svge Files

The .svge files in your project archive can only be used with BlocklyProp Solo. To use a file:

  • In your browser, open the BlocklyProp Solo site:

BlocklyProp Solo

  • Click Open project.

  • Click the Choose File button.

  • Navigate to your un-zipped project archive folder, select a project, and click Open.

  • Back in Solo, click Open, and the project will open in the editor pane.

  • Now your project is ready to use.  When you are ready to save your edited project, it will be saved on your local system as an.svg file.

SVGE is for SOLO.  Note that archive .svge files only work in BlocklyProp Solo.  They differ from the .svg files in that they do not contain the visual block graphics.