Parts: LED and Resistors

The parts drawing below will help you to identify and gather the electrical components for this activity.

  • (1) Resistor, 1000 ohm
  • (1) Resistor, 220 ohm
  • (1) LED, green
  • (1) Wire, black
  • Make sure the color bands on the resistors match the ones in the part drawings.  
  • Check your LED, it should have one longer and one shorter pin.  The part drawings use a ⨁ symbol by the longer pin.   
  • Make a note of each part’s name and schematic symbol.  


You will also need the completed setup from Set Power for Circuits.

  • Move the alligator clips connected to the probe wires out of the way.  For example, plug them into the right terminal strip’s row 30 as shown, or simply leave them unplugged and off to the side.