Step 17: Attach the Isolation Assembly

The Isolation System dampens vibrations created by the propellers to improve the performance of the flight controller.

Tools Needed:

Parts Needed:

  • 1 - Chassis Assembly, prepared in Step 12
  • 1 - Isolation Assembly, prepared in Step 16
  • 4 - Vibration Damper, 80g


  1. Slowly and carefully insert a vibration damper into each of the four large holes on the top chassis plate. They are intentionally a snug fit, so it may help to twist them and/or carefully use a small flat head screwdriver to push them through. Don’t push too hard or use a sharp object, as that may damage the dampers.

  1. Place the isolation assembly over the chassis, lining up the front of the chassis with the arrow on the flight controller.

  1. Carefully feed the top flange of each damper through the corresponding hole on the isolation plate.