Step 20: Connect PDB Power Cable and Secure Battery

It is now time to install the battery underneath the chassis. Thanks to the hook-and-loop straps, it can be easily removed for charging and storage.

Parts Needed:

  • 1 - ELEV-8 v3 Assembly, from Step 19
  • 1 – ELEV-8 PDB Power Cable, 6" (#800-00300)
  • 1 - Fully Charged 3-Cell LiPo Battery w/ EC3 connector (not included)


WARNING: Reversing the polarity may cause permanent damage to the battery and other components. Check your connections carefully!

  1. Plug the power cable into the back of the power distribution board as shown below.

  1. With the ELEV-8 upside-down, slide the battery through the straps so that the battery leads face the back of the ELEV-8.

  1. Take one end of the strap in each hand and pull firmly apart and slightly up to tighten, and then push down to secure.

  1. Repeat for the remaining battery strap.