DC Motor Control Project

Level: Beginner
Hours to Complete: 2.5
Skills Required: Soldering, C Programming, Breadboarding, Familiarity with Xbee Modules
Submitted By: Miguel Rodriguez, Parallax Tech Support


This project introduces the topic of motor control with the help of two H-bridges onboard the Pololu MC33926 motor driver carrier board. You will be controlling them wirelessly through the aid of an XBee module. This application can be used in controlling two-wheeled robots, motorized pulley systems and automatic door control. For the purposes of this demonstration I use a two wheeled robot as my platform of choice, however this set up can be adapted to any application the requires motor control.


What's Needed

  • (2)  Propeller Activity Boards (#32910)
  • (2) DC Gear Motor with Encoders (#28819)
  • (2) Xbee  RF communication Modules (#32404)
  • (1) Pololu MC33926 Motor Driver Carrier Board (#28820)
  • (1) 2 Axis Joystick (#27800)
  • Misc jumper wires