Second Pushbutton

In this activity, you will:

  • Build and test a second pushbutton circuit.
  • Incorporate it into a light control project.
  • Change the light control project’s features.


If you completed all of Inside the Pushbutton, all you will have to do here is replace a black jumper wire with a red one.  

Parts You Will Add in This Activity

(1) Jumper wire - red

Setup from Previous Activity



If you completed the Inside the Pushbutton > Your Turn section, the circuit you built will have to be modified for this activity.  For those of you who partially completed or skipped that activity, you will either be adding three or four of the parts shown below.

  • Disconnect the alligator clip probes and set them aside.
  • Build or modify the P9 pushbutton circuit so it matches the one in the diagram below.