What Propeller Guards Can Do

The guards are designed so that the outer rim is at the same level as the propellers. So, if the quadcopter moves horizontally into an object at low speed, the propellers will be protected from shattering on hard objects. Even in a crash, the guards might be damaged but save your quadcopter from a more expensive repair.

It is important to understand that the ELEV-8 has a control system that will try to maintain steady and level flight - however the shock and vibration caused by a collision may confuse the ELEV-8's sensors and control system, which could in turn cause the ELEV-8 to tip and/or accelerate dangerously.  As always, it is best to THROTTLE DOWN or CUT THE THROTTLE when you sense that you are losing control of your ELEV-8.

But what about making contact with softer objects?