Add Servos to the ELEV-8 v3

The ELEV-8 v3 is a workhorse quadcopter - it's sturdy, reliable, and most importantly, hackable!  Adding servos gives your ELEV-8 v3 the ability to do any number of tasks.  This tutorial contains beginner, intermediate, and advanced elements that will help you use additional servos to modify your ELEV-8 v3.  Although this tutorial will use specific hardware, many of the concepts will apply to other receivers, transmitters, and servos.

Hacking Cautions

It is possible to complete this tutorial by simply plugging in servos to the flight controller and making changes to the code.  If you choose to add servos more permanently to your ELEV-8 v3, you will need to take special care that:

  • The servos are firmly and safely fastened to the ELEV-8 v3's chassis
  • Unless they are micro servos with no attached load, servos must have their own power supply
  • You thoroughly safety test your ELEV-8 v3 before fully flying it after it has been modified