CYBERscope Voltmeter

Now let's try out the CYBERscope page’s voltmeter display.

  • Use the animation with the instructions below to double-check your power connections.
  • Optionally, download the cyberscope-voltmeter.mp4 clip and play and pause it between steps.


  • In the measure_volts script, change voltmeter(device="Terminal") to voltmeter(device="CYBERscope").  
  • Use the Flash button to load the modified script into your micro:bit module.
  • Click the Disconnect button.
  • In the CYBERscope tab, click Connect.  
  • In the dialog, click the micro:bit in the device list to select it, and then click Connect.
  • Click the Device dropdown, and change it from Oscilloscope to Voltmeter.
    UPDATE: You can just leave the Device dropdown in its default Auto setting, and it will automatically switch to Voltmeter mode because the script you are running sends voltmeter data.
  • Try repeating the measurements from the Tests and Try This sections with this voltmeter display.

Don’t forget to save your work.

  • Change the Script Name to measure_volts_with_cyberscope.
  • Click the Load/Save button, and then click the Download Project Hex button.