CYBERscope Setup

The CYBERscope is a web page app that can work together with your micro:bit to take various multimeter measurements.  It can also take other types of measurements, like oscilloscope and logic analyzers, but those will be introduced later.  This web app works with Chrome browsers that are Version 89 or newer.  The page will tell you if your Chrome browser version is compatible.

  • Go to to open the CYBERscope.  
  • Check the two images below.  If your CYBERscope page more closely resembles the top image (no red benner) you're all set!  Just skip to the next page (First Breadboard Circuit). 
  • If instead see that red banner, continue with the instructions below.

Up-to-date Chrome Browser

Older version Chrome browser -needs updating!

Instructions from here downward are only for browsers that displayed the message with the red banner.  If you didn't see the red banner, just continue to the next page.

  • Type chrome://settings/help into the browser's address bar and click enter. 
  • Check if Chrome is up to date.  It might automatically update as soon as you visit the page.  If not, follow any prompts Chrome provides.