1. Answer: They can be used to test signals in inventions and robots. They are also used for testing machinery signals and comparing them to repair manuals.
  2. Answer: The information in a start pulse might contain binary communication data or return waves from an ultrasonic ranging pulse. 
  3. Answer: It wraps around back to the left side.
  4. Answer: A trigger ‘edge’ is the part of the plot where it passes the voltage trigger level. The default trigger voltage is 1.5 V.


  1. Answer: The black trace line connected to the pushbutton is at 0 V when the button is not pressed because there is no current flowing through the circuit.
  2. Answer. The red trace line connected to the LED is at 0 V because a pressed pushbutton activates the circuit allowing current to flow.


  1. Solution. The trigger event happens at 2 V instead.
  2. Solution. The red trace line is slightly under 3.0 V.  A little less than for the green LED.
  3. Solution. The on peak is three times wider than the plot for the off portion. The height doesn’t change.