Pushbutton Servo Control

When do Pushbuttons Control Servos?

Here are some examples of pushbutton servo control:

  • Buttons are used to control motorized props in theaters.
  • Most cars have buttons to open and close the windows with servo motors.  
  • Some furniture has button servo control to set the recline, or even help elderly people and persons with disabilities stand up after sitting down.
  • Button control is used to open and close skylight blinds.
  • Buttons are used in auto shops to make hydraulic jacks lift a car to a level that’s comfortable for the mechanic to work on it.

In this activity, you will use MicroPython scripts to:

  • Use pushbuttons to set the direction the servo horn points to.  
  • Adjust the limits to the servo horn’s button controlled motion.
  • Adjust the rate the servo horn rotates.

Along the way, you will learn about angular position vs. angular velocity, and ways they are measured and calculated.


In addition to the servo you have just built and tested, this activity will use the pushbutton circuits connected to P9 and P6 that were built earlier.