Step 25: Calibrate the ESC Throttle Range

Before moving on, the ESCs (electronic speed controllers) will need to be calibrated.  This process tells the ESCs the minimum and maximum throttle range sent from the flight controller to the ESCs.  If this is not done before flight, your motors may not respond correctly – causing unstable or unpredictable flight.

This calibration process is done using the Throttle Calibration button and by disconnecting and reconnecting your flight battery in a specific manner: you will need to have a charged battery and be able to connect and disconnect it during this process.  Again, make sure that your propellers have been removed.

Parts Needed:

  • ELEV-8 v3 Assembly w/ LiPo Battery
  • Computer with software & firmware installed from Step 22
  • USB A to Micro B cable


The Parallax GroundStation application will visually indicate when to unplug or plug in your battery during this calibration process. Watch for screen indicators.

  1. Connect your ELEV-8 Flight Controller to your computer's USB port with a USB A to Micro B cable.
  2. Launch the Parallax GroundStation Application & navigate to the System Test tab.
  3. Click on the Throttle Calibration button.  If your battery is connected, disconnect it (the screen gives you the same instruction).  Once the battery is disconnected, click the button a second time.
  4. The GroundStation screen will tell you to connect your battery again.  When you connect your battery, you will hear a series of beeps – this is normal.  Wait for all of the beeping to complete before moving on.
  5. Once the first set of beeps has completed, click the Throttle Calibration button again.  You will hear another series of beeps – this is normal.  Wait for all of the beeping to complete before moving on.
  6. Once you have completed the throttle calibration, disconnect both your battery and the USB cable to completely power down and reset the flight controller.  Leave them disconnected for at least 10 seconds to make sure they have completely reset.

To hear what the series of beeps in instructions 4 and 5 should sound like during a successful calibration, download this .zip file containing a wav sound file for each instruction.