Attach Battery Holder - Gently!

In this step you will attach the battery holder to the chassis. Be gentle with the Nylon screws and nuts in this step. Don't overtighten.

Parts Required for each robot

  • SumoBot Chassis
  • Battery Holder, 4AA with barrel plug
  • (2) #4/40 3/8" long Nylon flat-head screws
  • (2) #4/40 Nylon nuts


  • Stand the SumoBot chassis upside-down on its PCB mounting holes.
  • Find the white Nylon screws and hex nuts. DO NOT USE METAL SCREWS FOR THIS STEP!  Metal screws can nick the coverings of batteries, creating short circuits.
  • Thread the screws through the battery pack, and then through the slots in the bottom of the chassis.
  • Secure with the Nylon nuts VERY GENTLY. Do not over-tighten which will warp the screw heads.