Servo Connections

The SumoBot WX Board has servo ports for plugging in the servos cables, and a 3-position switch to power the servos only when you want to.

3-position Switch

The SumoBot PCB has a three-position power switch.

  • Position 0 – No Power to the SumoBot WX board. The Propeller FLiP is held in reset and so can't be programmed either.
  • Position 1 – Powers SumoBot WX board except for servo ports. Good for programming and testing sensors.
  • Position 2 – Powers SumoBot WX board and servo ports. Required for the robot to move.

  • Set the 3-position switch to 0 for now, as shown. You should always have it in Position 0 when you plug in or remove servo cables, sensors, or batteries.


Connect the Servo Cables

  • Make sure the 3-position switch is set to 0 for now!
  • Check for the B R W labels on the SumoBot WX board between the servo ports and the back edge of the board.  This shows where the Black, Red, and White wires plug in for for all Servo, QTI, and AUX ports.  
  • Plug the servo motors into the servo ports.
    • P26 — Left Servo Motor
    • P27 — Right Servo Motor

  • Check both connections and verify that the white wires are closest to FLiP module.
  • Plug the battery holder’s barrel plug into the SumoBot WX board’s barrel jack.
  • Tuck any excess battery cable away in the space between the SumoBot WX board and the servos.