Install the Servos

The Parallax Continuous Rotation Servos are the motors for your robot, that can be controlled by the programs you create.

Parts required for each robot

  • SumoBot chassis, partly assembled (not shown)
  • (2) Parallax Continuous Rotation Servos
  • (8) #4-40 3/8" long pan-head machine screws
  • (8) #4-40 locknuts
  • Parallax combination wrench
  • Parallax screwdriver


  • Find the black Phillips head screw in the center of each servo's horn.


  • Using the Parallax screwdriver, remove the black screw from the center of each servo horn and SAVE THE SCREWS! You will need them to attach the wheels later on.
  • Gently pull the servo horn off of each servo's output shaft and set it aside.


  • Slide a servo motor into the chassis so its mounting tabs rest on the outside of the chassis, and the wires are pointing away from the angled scoop mount.


  • Use the closed end of the wrench to hold the locknuts securely.


  • Using four #4-40 3/8” pan-head machine screws and locknuts, attach the servo motor to the chassis.


  • Repeat with the other servo motor