Robot Competition Ideas

Box Maze

See which robot can locate the opening in a Box Maze and escape in the shortest time — a Robot Competition Idea for the Boe-Bot, Shield-Bot, or ActivityBot robot.

Three Wall Race

Devise a strategy to touch the walls at as many high-scoring spots as possible in 60 seconds. The catch? Students don't know the numbering until 30 minutes before the contest! A great idea by Gary Reynolds, Physics Instructor at Santa Ana High School.


Touch sensors and accurate turning are the skills being tested as a robot drives from wall to wall, aiming to touch the high-scoring spots as many times as possible in 60 seconds.

Individual Pursuit Race

Robot Competition Idea - Like two cyclists in a velodrome, two robots start simultaneously at opposite sides of an oval wall and see which robot can catch up with the other first. PING))) Ultrasonic Distance Sensors are used to detect the wall — but touch it, and you're out!

Clear the Table

Sized for classrooms, this Robot Competition Idea is designed for Parallax ActivityBot, Boe-Bot, Shield-Bot or SumoBot chassis-based robots. The objective is to find and push the most objects off of a low platform in the least amount of time. Creative use of sensors and custom-built plows encouraged!

SumoBot Wrestling

This challenge consists of each SumoBot robot seeking out the opponent robot and pushing it out of the Sumo Ring (thereby earning a Yuko point), and to avoid being pushed out of the Sumo Ring itself. A game for the SumoBot Competition Kit and Applied Robotics with the SumoBot.