Build the Head Movement Mechanism

  • To build the mechanism that moves the head start by lining up your doll, the popsicle stick, and second servo from the Animation Kit so you can see where holes will need to go.
  • Using a drill with a 1/8” drill bit to make a hole in the back of the doll’s head.
  • Now do the same for the popsicle stick.
  • Remove the servo horn for the other standard servo.
  • Depending on the size of your doll the position of where you drill your holes may vary. I also drilled two holes into the bottom of the stick to match with the servo horn’s inner and outer holes.
  • Using two ½” #4-40 pan head screws and two #4-40 nuts join the servo horn and the popsicle stick.

Stages of attaching the popsicle stick and servo to the doll head.

  • Once you mount the servo horn and stick the combo onto the servo, gently move the servo all the way clockwise and counterclockwise.
  • Make note of its rotational limitations so that you can get maximum motion on the head.

In this project I wanted the doll’s head to use the entire 180 degrees of motion, so I positioned the servos mechanical start position accordingly.


Mount the Head Movement Mechanism

  • Drill a hole into the back of the doll’s head with a 1/8” bit and insert a ½” #4-40 pan head (or flathead) screw that joins the popsicle stick and the head.
  • Lastly glue the second servo to the doll's body.

Attaching the stick to the back of the head.