Program the Propeller over Wi-Fi

If you have a Propeller Activity Board WX and your computer has either the Windows or Mac operating system, you can program your propeller over Wi-Fi.  This is an especially useful feature for the ActivityBot and mobile robots, and other projects that are not convenient to keep tethered.

  • Download and install the latest SimpleIDE software (must be 1.0.55 or higher).  Note: (2017.01.25) If the new download isn't posted yet, hang in there, it's in the final stages of testing and we'll have it posted soon!
  • Use SimpleIDE to open a program, like ...Documents\SimpleIDE\Learn\Examples\C Intro\Basics\Hello Message.side
  • Click the COM Port dropdown list, and select your WX module.
  • Use the run buttons as you normally would (this example uses Run with Terminal).