Parts and Prep

Preparation - Safety First!

  • Make sure your ELEV-8 is OFF with the BATTERY DISCONNECTED AND REMOVED.
  • REMOVE THE PROPELLERS from the ELEV-8 v3 quadcopter's motors. They are NOT needed for this tutorial.

What you will need:

A complete, tested, configured ELEV-8 v3 (Parallax Item #80300 or Item #80330) that has a receiver with at least 6 channels, such as:

At least one R/C servo, such as:

Optional Mounting Hardware:

If you wish to mount your servos to the bottom chassis plate of your ELEV-8 v3, you will need hardware and/or adhesive, such as:

  • #4-40 screws, locknuts, standoffs, and spacers (Available in hardware packs here or here)
  • Right angle (L-shaped) brackets (Parallax Item #720-00011)
  • Zip ties
  • Hot glue
  • Double-sided foam tape

Optional Separate Power Supply for Servos Under Load

Servos that are under load—lifting a weight or pulling against something—will need more current than if they are just moving freely.  If you are designing an ELEV-8 add-on that will put a load on the servos, they will need more current than the Flight Controller can supply. So, you would also need to build a separate power supply for your servos.