Author & Contributors

About the Author

Andy Lindsay joined Parallax Inc. in 1999, and has since authored more than a dozen books, including What’s a Microcontroller? as well as numerous articles and product documents for the company.  The original Robotics with the Boe-Bot that is the inspiration for this book was designed and updated based on observations and educator feedback that Andy collected while traveling the nation and abroad teaching Parallax Educator Courses and events. Andy studied Electrical and Electronic Engineering at California State University, Sacramento, and is a contributing author to several papers that address the topic of microcontrollers in pre-engineering curricula. When he’s not writing educational material, Andy does product and application engineering for Parallax.

Special Contributors

The Parallax team assembled to prepare this edition includes: excellent department leadership by Aristides Alvarez, lesson design and technical writing by Andy Lindsay; cover art by Jen Jacobs; graphic illustrations by Rich Allred and Andy Lindsay; nitpicking, editing, and layout by Stephanie Lindsay.   

Several customers helped test-drive this material. Thanks go to Gordon McComb for test-driving and technical feedback on the original chapter drafts. Special thanks also go to Matt Zawlocki and his Fall 2015 middle-school students for trying all of the example sketches with the Codebender browser-based editor.