4-cell Pack + Boe-Boost Setup

Parts List

(1) Boe-Boost
(1) 4-cell battery pack
(5) AA alkaline batteries

4-cell AA battery pack, Boe-Boost module, and 5 AA batteries

  • Load the batteries into the battery pack and Boe-Boost. Align the batteries’ +/- markings with the +/- markings in the battery cases. (Negative (-) terminals connect to springs.) 

AA batteries in the 4-cell battery holder and Boe-Boost module, showing proper orientation

  • Use the figure below as a guide and lift two of the positive battery ends upward.  Lift each one just far enough to expose its terminal end.

Lift two batteries from the holder, getting ready to insert the Boe-Boost module

  • Push the Boe-Boost up against the positive terminals, then push down to insert it into the battery holder.

Inserting the Boe-Boost module into the 4-cell battery pack

  • Plug the battery pack into the Arduino module’s power jack.
  • Check your work; when you are done assembling the system it should resemble the picture below.

4-cell battery pack setup with Boe-Boost assembled and connected