Decorate and Program

Step 7 - Adding Teeth, Legs, and Eyeballs (Optional, but definitely recommended!)

Taco Piñata

To give the piñata taco some character and personality, I gave it state-of-the-art facial reconstruction by gluing on legs, teeth, and eyeballs. You can be as creative here as you want!

In my case I used as many 3-pin headers as I could fit in the mouth, and two eyes from a package of inexpensive spooky plastic eyeballs. I used pipe cleaners for the legs and I decided to shape them to resemble ones you might see on a spider.

3-pin header. Spooky eyeballs.


Step 8 - Programming

This project is coded entirely with BlocklyProp Solo, a free, online visual programming tool

If you are new to BlocklyProp programm, see the Getting Started with BlocklyProp Solo tutorial.

  • Upload the code blocks provided in the download below or re-create the program in a new project file.

Taco Piñata BlocklyProp Code Blocks

BlocklyProp code for the Taco Piñata project.