Step 4 - Bearing Block and Axle

Using (3) 50 mm hex-head socket screws, and (3) 1” x 0.5” standoffs, you will now attach the motor/drive axle assembly to each of the motor bearing blocks. The screws go into three tapped holes in the motor frame.  Although there are four bolt holes in the block, only three holes will be used to mount each motor. 

  • Insert a bolt into the bearing block as shown.

  • Next, slide a standoff onto the bolt.  Twist the bolt clockwise into the motor frame a couple of turns to hold it in position.

  • Attach two more bolts and standoffs and tighten with the 5/16” allen wrench.

Although there are (4) mounting holes on each of the motors (as well as the blocks), only (3) are used in each drive wheel system.

  • Assemble the other drive motor in the same manner…it will end up being a “mirror image” of the one you just finished.