Step 24 - Voltage Regulators and Heat Sinks

WARNING: These components MUST be installed in the correct orientation (see close-up below, right) - not only for proper operation, but for safety as well. Double-check orientation before soldering.

  • Install the voltage regulators.

The two voltage regulators are identical, so either can be placed in their respective holes. The regulators are “programmed” to output the required voltages based on the values of each of the resistor pairs (R1, R2), and (R3-R4). For this reason, you must be certain you have installed your resistors correctly.

  • Now, install the heat sinks over the voltage regulators as shown below. Heat sinks should NOT be flush with the board. The holes in the voltage regulators should line up with the holes in the heat sinks.
  • Solder them into place.