Step 1 - Prepare External Encoders

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Prepare the External Encoders

These parts are bagged together as the ActivityBot Encoder Kit. Save the resistors; you will need them later for Electrical Connections.

Parts needed for this step:

  • (2) sharp infrared sensor (#350-00038)
  • (2) cable for encoders (#805-28107)
  • (2) encoder bracket (#721-00031)

Assemble the right and left encoders to be mirror images of each other.

  • Place an encoder sensor on each encoder plate, with the cable socket facing the hook end.
  • Secure each sensor to its plate with a black 1/4" screw.  It will not need a nut to secure it - the plastic plate will hold it in place.
  • Push the white plug end of an encoder cable into each sensor's socket. It should only insert one way; make sure it seats in all the way.