Step 10 - Mount Tail Wheel

Mounting the Tail Wheel Ball

For all ActivityBot robots.

Parts needed for this step:

  • (1) Cotter pin (#700-00023)
  • (1) tail wheel ball (#700-00009)
  • needle-nose pliers - optional, not included

CAUTION - the ends of the cotter pin may be sharp! If you have needle-nose pliers, you can bend the cotter pin ends into a circle to tuck away the points. But be aware that this makes the cotter pin more difficult to remove in the future if you ever want to do that.

  • Position the tail wheel ball in the arch in the back of the chassis so that its holes line up with the holes in the little tabs.
  • Insert the cotter pin through the chassis mounting tab hole, through the tail wheel ball, and then through the other tab.

  • Bend the ends of the cotter pins outwards to secure it in place.