Chapter 3 Challenges


  1. What are some of the symptoms of brownout on the BOE Shield-Bot?
  2. What is a reset?
  3. How can a piezospeaker be used to announce that brownout just occurred?
  4. What function makes the speaker play tones?
  5. What’s a hertz?  What’s its abbreviation?


  1. Write a statement that makes a tone, one that sounds different from the start-alert tone,  to signify the end of a sketch.
  2. Write a statement that plays a speaker tone to signify an intermediate step in the sketch.  This tone should be different from a start-alert or end tone.


  1. Modify the TestServoSpeed sketch so that it makes a tone signifying each test is complete.
  2. Modify the TestServoSpeed sketch so that it runs both wheels instead of just one with each test.  Make the right wheel turn the opposite direction from the left wheel.