Activity 1: Assembling the BOE-Shield-Bot

This activity will guide you through assembling the BOE Shield-Bot, step by step.  In each step, you will gather a few of the parts, and then assemble them so that they match the pictures.  Each picture has instructions that go with it; make sure to follow them carefully.

Servo Tools and Parts

All of the tools needed are common and can be found in most households and school shops.  They can also be purchased at local hardware stores. The Parallax screwdriver is included in the Robotics Shield Kit, and the other two are optional but handy to have.


(1)  screwdriver, Phillips #1
(1) 1/4″ combination wrench (optional but handy)
(1)  needle-nose pliers (optional)

1/4" combination wrench, needle-nose pliers, and Parallax combo screwdriver

  • Disconnect the programming cable and battery pack from your Arduino.
  • Disconnect the servos from the BOE Shield.
  • Set the BOE Shield’s 3-position power switch to position 0.