Build your cyber:bot (Rev A or B)

This Tutorial is for Board Rev A or B

These instructions are for the cyber:bot board Rev A or B. If you have a Rev C board, follow these instructions instead. If you have a Rev A or B board, you are in the right place!

What it's about

This tutorial will guide you through assembling the cyber:bot, step-by-step.  In each step, you will gather a few of the parts, and then assemble them so that they match the pictures.  Each picture has instructions that go with it; make sure to follow them carefully.

Before you start

You will need one of the following cyber:bot kit options:

If you have your own cyber:bot conversion kit (#32707) + your own built-up Boe-Bot or Shield-Bot, see this Convert to a cyber:bot instead, then continue with the main tutorial sequence starting with Navigation with the cyber:bot.

You will need to make sure your cyber:bot is ready for programming. Complete these tutorials first

After you finish

Once you are finished, you will be ready to work through the rest of the main cyber:bot tutorials.