Cybersecurity: Radio Basics


What it’s about

Each, micro:bit has a built-in radio it can use to exchange data.  This tutorial shows how to use the MicroPython radio module’s methods to make micro:bits exchange text.  It also includes examples that change the radio channel, and a bidirectional texting app.

Before you start

You will need:

  • Two or more micro:bit modules (on or off a cyber:bot)
  • Two USB A to MicroB cables
  • One or more computers with:
    • Access to
      -- or --
    • Mu editor installed
  • Note that is used in this tutorial's screencaptures.

Complete this tutorial first:

After you finish

You will be able to write MicroPython scripts that make micro:bit modules send and receive messages with their built-in radios.  Your scripts will also be able to change channels to access different data streams.

After this, you will also be ready to move on to the next tutorials (coming soon!):