Visible Light Navigation for the cyber:bot

What it’s about

Light sensors are used in all kinds of robotics, industrial, and commercial applications. Let's teach your cyber:bot to navigate using visible light. Using a pair of small light sensors, called phototransistors, your cyber:bot can measure and compare the light levels on its right and its left.  It can then turn toward the brighter side as it navigates. This way, the cyber:bot can be programmed to find its way out of a dark space, or to follow a flashlight.

What you need to get started

These activities are written assuming you are completing the cyber:bot Prerequisite tutorials first and then doing the Main tutorials in sequence.  You should complete through Navigation and Circuits at a minimum first.

For this tutorial you will need:

  • Your programming software set up on your computer, with your micro:bit ready to use the cyberbot library modules
  • A fully built and tested cyber:bot robot
  • Phototransistors and other parts from your robot kit's Small Robot Electronics Pack

After you finish

Once you have learned how to use phototransistor sensors, you will be able to include visible light seeking or avoiding behavior in your robot applications.