QTI Line Follower for cyber:bot

cyber:bot with QTI line following.

This tutorial shows you how to add an array of four QTI sensors to your cyber:bot. These sensors can differentiate between dark and light surfaces. With a Python program, your cyber:bot robot can use the QTI sensors to follow a black electrical tape line on a light background. This tutorial provides a basic program you can use on a simple track with the cyber:bot’s standard Continuous Rotation Servos. The same code example could also be used with the High Speed Continuous Rotation Servo.


Before You Start

This project assumes you already have some experience with the cyber:bot tutorial series.  At a minimum, work through these first:


What's Needed

Track Options

  1. Print out this line-following tracks PDF on an inkjet or laser printer and copy paper (NOT with photo printing paper and ink); or
  2. Make a track on white poster board, foam core board, or a smooth, light floor with black electrical tape (the vinyl variety works well). This is the preferred option because it provides so much flexibility in configuration.


After You Finish

You will be ready to combine QTI line following with other sensors for more advanced projects which can be done individually or in the classroom. Some of the ideas include: