Upgrade Your cyber:bot with Feedback 360° Servos

The Parallax Feedback 360° servos can turn up to twice as fast as the continuous rotation servos that come in the cyber:bot kit.  The cyber:bot board is also able to adjust speeds and distances using the new servo’s feedback signal.  This makes it possible for the cyber:bot to go straight without any wheel speed adjustments, and also makes traveling specific distances possible.


What it’s about

The activities in this tutorial will guide you through replacing the cyber:bot robot’s continuous rotation servos with the Parallax Feedback 360° High Speed Servos.  It will also guide you through testing the servos, and using their built-in speed and distance features.

Before you start

You will need:

Complete these tutorials first:

After You Finish

You will be able to:

  • Understand how to write scripts that make the cyber:bot navigate with the Feedback 360° servos
  • Write scripts to:
    • Make the cyber:bot travel speeds for certain amounts of time
    • Make the syber:bot travel specific distances
    • Perform in-place, pivot, and curve turns
    • Adjust acceleration
  • Experience with servos that are faster and have built-in angle sensing will make it possible to improve performance in robot mazes and races.