Texting with Terminals

In this activity, you will first try an application of one-way (unidirectional) texting between terminals through a micro:bit-to-micro:bit radio link.  Then, you will then expand it for two-way (bidirectional) texting.  

Here is the block diagram for unidirectional texting.  You will type text into the terminal connected to the sender micro:bit.  The sender micro:bit's script will input those messages from the terminal and broadcast them with its radio.  The receiver micro:bit will receive those messages, and print them to the terminal it’s connected to.

This activity is similar to the previous one since you’ll need to have two micro:bit modules running at the same time.  But now, they both have to be connected to USB ports and terminal apps at the same time.  So, you will either need to use two computers, each with a micro:bit connected to its USB, or use one computer with two micro:bit modules connected to two USB different ports and two browsers, each with a terminal app.