Mount the Topside Hardware

Parts List

(1)  robot chassis
(2)  1″ standoffs (removed from BOE Shield)
(2)  pan-head screws, 1/4″ 4-40 (removed from BOE Shield)
(1)  rubber grommet, 13/32″


  • Remove the 1″ aluminum standoffs from the BOE Shield, and save the standoffs and screws.
  • Insert the 13/32″ rubber grommet into the hole in the center of the chassis.
  • Make sure the groove in the outer edge of the rubber grommet is seated on the metal edge of the hole.
  • Use two  of the 1/4" #4-40 screws to attach two of the standoffs to the top front of the chassis as shown.
  • Save the other two standoffs and screws for a later step.