Test It: Navigate Wirelessly

Now, it’s time to reconnect your transmitter micro:bit and start radio-broadcasting navigation commands for your cyber:bot.

  • Reconnect your micro:bit to USB.
  • Use the python.microbit.org editor, use the Connect button to establish the serial connection.
  • Click Open serial to start the terminal.
  • If you do not see a user prompt, press and release the micro:bit’s reset button.

Next, repeat the tests you typed into the app when it was tethered:

  • Type 25 in response to the Enter right speed: prompt, then press Enter.
  • Type 25 in response to the Enter left speed: prompt, then press Enter.
  • Type 750 in response to the Enter ms to run: prompt, and press Enter.
  • Verify that your cyber:bot rolled forward for about ¾ of a second.

If you take a look at the dictionary that was displayed, it should contain {'ms': 750, 'vR': 25, 'vL': 25}.  Remember from the Dictionary Primer, order does not matter for dictionaries because they keep the correct values paired with the correct keys.

  • Next, try -25, -25, and 750.  Did it roll backwards?
  • Now, try 25, -25, 750.  Did it pivot to the right?
  • Try 25, 10, 750 for a curving motion.
  • Can you make it turn in place left and right?