Save & Edit Scripts

It’s always a good idea to save your scripts so that you can open and improve them later.  This activity’s step-by-step video and matching checklist instructions show how to save and reopen a script.

Make sure to follow along with your own computer and micro:bit module.


  • Enter the script below into the micro:bit Python Editor.  (It’s just the default script with HEART changed to HAPPY and 'Hello' changed to 'Hi!'.)
# Imports go at the top
from microbit import *

# Code in a 'while True:' loop repeats forever
while True:


  • Click the Edit project name icon, to the left of the ‘Untitled project’ name.
  • Change the name to happy-image-hi-text, and click Confirm.
  • Click the Save button.


  • Close the Project saved popup.
  • Verify that the name changed from 'Untitled project' to 'happy-image-hi-text'.


  • Open a file browser (Windows Files Explorer, Mac Finder, or Chromebook Files).  
  • Check your Downloads folder and make sure you can find happy-image-hi-text.hex.


  • Change to the existing script so that you can verify the change reverts when you open the script you just saved.  


  • Click the micro:bit Python Editor’s Open button
  • Select happy-image-hi-text in the Open dialog
  • Then click the Open button.  
  • Lastly, click Replace in the ‘Confirm replace project’ popup.
  • Verify that the script changes back to the version you saved.