Notes from Frequencies

You can use musical note frequencies in the chart below for the tone function’s f parameter to play music.


bot(22).tone(1975.5, 500)

This command plays a B6 note for half of a second.  Using this chart, you are able to create songs with the piezospeaker and the cyber:bot.

The notes to the first line of  the Happy Birthday song go in the following order: D - D - E - D - G - F.  Matching the notes with their frequencies, we can make the following program.

Example script: happy_birthday

This example script plays out the first line of “Happy Birthday.”

  • Enter, save, and flash the script happy_birthday.
# happy_birthday

from cyberbot import *

bot(22).tone(2349.3, 125)        #D for an eighth
bot(22).tone(2349.3,  62)        #D for a sixteenth
bot(22).tone(2637.0, 250)        #E for a quarter
bot(22).tone(2349.3, 250)        #C for a quarter
bot(22).tone(3136.0, 250)        #G for a quarter
bot(22).tone(2793.8, 500)        #F for a half

Did you hear your cyber:bot play Happy Birthday?