Tilt Controlled cyber:bot with Gripper Control

This project allows you to use a second micro:bit to tilt control the cyber:bot robot and use its B and A buttons to remotely close-lift and lower-open the Gripper paddles.   


  • (1) additional micro:bit
  • (2) AAA batteries
  • (1) micro:bit battery pack
  • (1) programming cable
  • (1) cyber:bot with gripper installed, tested and tuned by following the:

For those who have a class set of cyber:bot robots, a second cyber:bot can be used as a tilt controller if an extra micro:bit GO kit is not available on its own.


  • Connect the micro:bit battery pack to the second micro:bit; the one that’s not in the cyber:bot board.
  • Open the battery pack, add the batteries, and put the lid back on.
  • If you are instead using a second cyber:bot as the tilt controller, make sure its batteries are fresh/charged, the battery pack is plugged into the board, and the board's PWR switch is in Position 1.