Prepare the Chassis

Preparing the chassis involves removing the current development board, changing the servo position if desired, and upgrading to a 5-AA battery pack if necessary.

Remove the Current Board

  • Unplug the servos and battery plug from your robot's current development board.
  • Remove the development board from the robot's standoffs. Save the #4-40 pan-head screws and whisker-post hardware!


Servo Decision Time!

The cyber:bot robot uses the same Continuous Rotation Servos as the Boe-Bot and Shield-Bot.  However the cyber:bot instructions recommend mounting the servos with the potentiometer access port facing the front of the robot as shown below, since the servos are not centered before robot assembly.  If your robot servos are ports-backward, you can still adjust the poteniometers using a long, thin screwdriver, if needed. The choice is yours!

Servos installed with label.

  If you want to change your servos to pots-forward, follow these steps:

  • If your robot has a 4-AA battery pack, remove it now and save the Nylon flat-head screws.
  • Remove the wheels and the servos, and save the nuts and screws.
  • Re-insert the left servo into the chassis, so that its cable and the small hole in the case point towards the front of the chassis, and then re-attach.
  • If you like, use a piece of masking tape to label the left servo (L) as shown (optional). This makes things easier when plugging them into the board later!
  • Repeat the process to install the right servo.
  • Re-install the wheels on the servos and secure with the reserved servo screws. 


Battery Pack upgrade?

The cyber:bot uses a 5-AA battery pack. If your robot has a 4-AA battery pack, follow the steps below to replace it.

  • Remove the 4-AA battery pack and save the Nylon flat-head screws (if you have not done so already).
  • Remove the screws holding the rear standoffs to the chassis.
  • Insert the 5-AA battery pack. It takes a bit of maneuvering: slide the edge under the the tail wheel ball, level it out, then snap it into place.
  • Insert the reserved Nylon flat-head screws, threading them through the battery pack case's outermost holes.

Arrows to indicate the proper screw holes.

  • From the top of the chassis, thread a 1" round standoff on each screw and tighten.
  • Pull the battery pack’s power cord and servo lines through the rubber grommet hole in the center of the chassis.